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Fair Game

Movie Release Date: October 15th, 2010
Directed By: Doug Liman
Starring: Naomi Watts, Sean Penn and Sonya Davison
Movie plot:

CIA operative Valerie Plame discovers her identity is allegedly leaked by the government as payback for an op-ed article her husband wrote criticizing the Bush administration. –

Book Release Date: October 22, 2007
Originally Published as: Fair Game: My Life as a Spy My Betrayal by the White House
Written By: Valerie Plame Wilson
Book Description:

On July 6, 2003, four months after the United States invaded Iraq, former ambassador Joseph Wilson”s now historic op-ed, “What I Didn’t Find in Africa,” appeared in The New York Times. A week later, conservative pundit Robert Novak revealed in his newspaper column that Ambassador Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame Wilson, was a CIA operative. The public disclosure of that secret information spurred a federal investigation and led to the trial and conviction of Vice President Dick Cheney”s chief of staff, Scooter Libby, and the Wilsons’ civil suit against top officials of the Bush administration. Much has been written about the “Valerie Plame” story, but Valerie herself has been silent, until now. Some of what has been reported about her has been frighteningly accurate, serving as a pungent reminder to the Wilsons that their lives are no longer private. And some has been completely false — distorted characterizations of Valerie and her husband and their shared integrity.

Valerie Wilson retired from the CIA in January 2006, and now, not only as a citizen but as a wife and mother, the daughter of an Air Force colonel, and the sister of a U.S. marine, she sets the record straight, providing an extraordinary account of her training and experiences, and answers many questions that have been asked about her covert status, her responsibilities, and her life. As readers will see, the CIA still deems much of the detail of Valerie’s story to be classified. As a service to readers, an afterword by national security reporter Laura Rozen provides a context for Valerie”s own story.

Fair Game is the historic and unvarnished account of the personal and international consequences of speaking truth to power. – From ‘Simon & Schuster’ book jacket

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Love & Other Drugs

Movie Release Date: November 24th, 2010
Directed By: Edward Zwick
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway and Judy Greer
Movie plot:

Maggie (Hathaway) is an alluring free spirit who won’t let anyone – or anything – tie her down. But she meets her match in Jamie (Gyllenhaal), whose relentless and nearly infallible charm serve him well with the ladies and in the cutthroat world of pharmaceutical sales. Maggie and Jamie’s evolving relationship takes them both by surprise, as they find themselves under the influence of the ultimate drug: love. –

Book Release Date: March 2005
Originally Published as: Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman
Written By: Jamie Reidy
Book Description:

Jamie Reidy is the guy who”s been there, done that, and walked away with the insider stories. Inside Hard Sell: Now a Major Motion Picture LOVE and OTHER DRUGS, you”ll find yourself rooting for Reidy and shocked by the realities of the world that paid his salary.

This comedic expose traces Reidy”s experiences from Pfizer training to life as the “V-Man,” when Reidy became Pfizer”s number-one drug rep during the Viagra craze. With equal parts self-confidence and self-mockery, Reidy takes the reader on a hilarious romp through pharma-culture while revealing the controversial side of the drug industry. From viewing a circumcision to gaining a doctor”s rapport to providing insight on why doctors choose to prescribe Drug X over Drug Y, and from how to bargain “sigs” and “scripts” to why the Viagra pill is shaped as a diamond, Reidy discloses everything.

A witty, behind-the-scenes look at an industry that touches everyone in America with a prescription, Hard Sell uncovers truths about the pharmaceutical industry you”d rather not know and practices you”d like to believe weren”t employed. – From ‘Andrews McMeel Publishing’ book jacket

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Hugo Cabret

Movie Release Date: November 23rd, 2011
Directed By: Martin Scorsese
Starring: Jude Law, Ben Kingsley, Asa Butterfield, Sacha Baron Cohen, Chloe Moretz and Christopher Lee
Movie plot:

Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton. –

Book Release Date: January 30th, 2007
Originally Published as: The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Written By: Brian Selznick
Book Description:

Orphan, clock keeper, and thief, Hugo lives in the walls of a busy Paris train station, where his survival depends on secrets and anonymity. But when his world suddenly interlocks – like the gears of the clocks he keeps – with an eccentric, bookish girl and a bitter old man who runs a toy booth in the train station, Hugo”s undercover life, and his most precious secret, are put in jeopardy. A cryptic drawing, a treasured notebook, a stolen key, a mechanical man, and a hidden message from Hugo”s dead father form the backbone of this intricate, tender, and spellbinding mystery. – From ‘Scholastic Canada, Ltd’ book jacket

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The Eagle

Movie Release Date: February 11, 2011
Directed By: Kevin Macdonald
Starring: Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell and Donald Sutherland
Movie plot:

In Roman-ruled Britain, a young Roman soldier endeavors to honor his father’s memory by finding his lost legion’s golden emblem. –

Book Release Date: 1954
Originally Published as: The Eagle of the Ninth
Written By: Rosemary Sutcliff
Book Description:

In A.D. 119 the Ninth Roman Legion marched north into the wilds of Britain beyond Agricola’s Wall and disappeared without a trace. Fifteen years later, Marcus Flavius Aquila, the son of the unit’s commander, embarks on a quest to recover the lost eagle standard of the Ninth, symbol of a legion’s-and his family’s-honor. – From ‘Square Fish’ book jacket

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The Bang Bang Club

Movie Release Date: June 23rd, 2011
Directed By: Steven Silver
Starring: Malin Akerman, Ryan Phillippe and Taylor Kitsch
Movie plot:

A drama based on the true-life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa. –

Book Release Date: September 20th, 2000
Originally Published as: The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots From A Hidden War
Written By: Greg Marinovich
Book Description:

The Bang-Bang Club is the story of four young photographers who covered the last years of apartheid, taking many of the most memorable photographs of the period. In this stunning new book, the group”s two surviving members recount their political, emotional, and personal journeys through these violent years as South Africa moved toward democracy. Along the way we accompany them on free-lance assignments to other war-torn regions, including the former Yugoslavia and the Sudan, where one member of the group shoots what has become a world-famous photograph of a starving child stalked by a vulture.The boldness that earned the group its nickname, that prompted them to rush headlong into dangerous situations in pursuit of an image, forces them to consider difficult questions that lie at the heart of their work: When does their sense of humanity overwhelm their ambition and professional duties? When do they put aside their cameras and their impartiality and get involved? These are the moral dilemmas that the Bang-Bang Club grappled with on a daily basis. – From ‘Basic Books’ book jacket

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One Day

Movie Release Date: July 8th, 2011
Directed By: Lone Scherfig
Starring: Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess and Patricia Clarkson
Movie plot:

After spending the night together on the night of their college graduation Dexter and Em are revisited each year on the same date to see where they are in their lives. They are sometimes together, sometimes not, on that day. –

Book Release Date: June 11, 2009
Written By: David Nicholls
Book Description:

It’s 1988 and Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley have only just met. But after only one day together, they cannot stop thinking about one another. Over twenty years, snapshots of that relationship are revealed on the same day-July 15th-of each year. Dex and Em face squabbles and fights, hopes and missed opportunities, laughter and tears. And as the true meaning of this one crucial day is revealed, they must come to grips with the nature of love and life itself. – From ‘Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group’ book jacket

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Movie Release Date: March 25th, 2011
Directed By: Julian Schnabel
Starring: Freida Pinto, Hiam Abbass and Willem Dafoe
Movie plot:

A drama centered on an orphaned Palestinian girl growing up in the wake of Arab-Israeli war who finds herself drawn into the conflict. –

Book Release Date: 2005 (Translated version was released June 7th, 2010)
Originally Published as: La strada dei fiori di Miral
Translated By: John Cullen
Written By: Rula Jebreal
Book Description:

Written by the much-admired Italo-Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal, Miral is a novel that focuses on remarkable women whose lives unfold in the turbulent political climate along the borders of Israel and Palestine. The story begins with Hind, a woman who sacrifices everything to establish a school for refugee Palestinian girls in East Jerusalem. Years later, Miral arrives at the school after her mother commits suicide. Hind sees that Miral has the potential to change the world peacefully–but Miral is appalled by the injustice that surrounds her and flirts with the notion of armed resistance. Hind desperately works to persuade her to stay the course of education, hard work, and nonviolent resolution–but is she too late? – From ‘Penguin USA book jacket

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